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Massage FAQ

How do I choose best massage suitable for me?  

Once I assess you at your consultation I can suggest the massage technique I think best suited.

What massage techniques do you do?  

I offer Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Bamboo, Thai Seated, Swedish, Ayurvedic, Sports massage and Stretch massage.  For some clients I do a signature massage where I mix a few techniques to create a tailor made massage personalised to you and your needs. 

 How can a massage benefit me?  

A massage increases circulation and relieves muscular restriction, tightness and spasms.  A massage can help relieve stress and relax you, flush out toxins, increase and improve flexibility, reduce pain, tension and create a general feeling of well-being.

What do I wear during a massage?  

You can wear shorts or underwear, but to fully work your glutes you should wear nothing at all, modesty will be covered.  

What if I get an erection?  

This is a concern for a lot of men, if this happens don't stress and worry as it is not uncommon, it happens to many.  This is your body's natural reaction to the situation, I ignore and carryon as the erection will pass.  

What about confidentiality?  

Your details and treatments are not discussed with anyone.

How often should I have a massage?

This can be discussed between you and therapist to determine the frequency best suited, but on average some clients have weekly massages to help with stress relief or if regularly train in gym and sports.

After massage?  

You should feel relaxed but may feel light headed and thirsty.  Take a few minutes to relax, you will be offered some water to help flush the toxins that have been released.


Waxing FAQ

Does waxing hurt?  

I wont say no but everyone has a different pain threshold, we all feel pain differently.  The pain can be intense for some but it disappears within seconds.  Your first time will be the toughest, after this you will get used to it.

Do I have to get naked?  

Well yes, you will need to expose the areas to be waxed.  I will ensure you are as comfortable as possible.  

What if I get an erection? 

This is a concern for many men, but if it happens don't stress it's not uncommon,  

It has nothing to do with sex or genuine arousal, but the situation.  I will carry on with treatment and it usually passes, so no need for feeling embarrassed of the unpredictable nature of the penis.  (I will not however be comfortable with any crude comments or suggestions, treatment will end with no refund if this occurs)


What about confidentiality?  

I do not discuss your body or treatments with anyone, all treatments are private and each booking is on a one to one basis.

What are side effects?  

It is normal to be red in areas waxed after treatment but this will pass.  Some people feel tender or sensitive after, while some can have a hive like temporary rash for a few days,  whatever after effects you have it usually passes within 24/48hrs.   After area is waxed aftercare is applied to help sooth area.

How often should I wax?  

a timescale of 4-5 weeks is common but you will judge best time suited for you.

                                                                                     Facial FAQ 

What is a facial?

At the basic a facial is a treatment designed to address your skin, this will include cleansing, exfoliation a mask and moisturize.  This may sound similar to your home routine, but actually more specialized as in salon a facial will be more personalised to your skin concerns.

I have never had a facial before, what can I expect?

At your first appointment I will carry out a consultation and assess your skin to identify your issues and recommend the best facial suited to you.  Every facial will start with a deep cleanse of your skin and I also include steam to open your pores and allow extractions of blackheads and dirt to be removed more easily.  The process will then depend on your skin and be discussed with you before treatment starts.  I end facial with moisturizing and facial massage, a facial can be a very relaxing experience and your skin will glow after.

Do men have facials?

Yes men have facials, a good skin care routine is good for men and women.

What benefits can I get from a facial

A facial will cleanse and hydrate the skin and offer rejuvenation to promote good skin health.  A facial can also reduce stress, prevent dry skin, aging, and treat acne, scarring, pigmentation and eliminate blackheads.  So the benefits of a facial are great.

How often should I have a facial?

Facials are not needed that often unless you have a skin concern and having a course of treatments to address the issue.  If you are having a course of treatments I will  advise you on the frequency.

Should I shave before facial?

If you shave before do so the night before so your skin is not tender, or a few hours before.  The less hair makes it easier for skin to absorb oils, so a good idea no to have too many days of stubble.  

Can I have a facial If I have a full beard.?

Yes of course, you will still benefit as the facial will be tailormade to you and concentrate on skin areas as well as your beard with a cleanse, steam and oils, followed by a facial massage.

What types of facials do you do?

I offer a luxury and signature facials tailored to your skin concerns as well as aesthetic facials such as, Microdermabrasion, Micro-Needling, Dermaplaning and Skin Peels.



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