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Talking Therapy

Jayda Morgan is a kind compassionate person offering a variety of talking therapy techniques to treat a wide range of conditions including, stress, depression, anxiety, phobias and more.  As a Stress Management Consultant during your free consultation session Jayda will listen to your needs to offer the best suited therapy for you.  All work remains private and confidential.  The environment in which Jayda works is a comfortable, calm and relaxing setting. 

Stress Therapy Solutions

Your mindset is everything to creating balance and living a happier life with less stress.

Stress Management Programme

Jayda Morgan will take you through the 6 Steps to Transformation, Identify the stress

Calm the mind

Set the intention

Remove the blocks

Support the body 

& Apply the principles

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Available soon ………..


Available soon............

Anger Management consultation 

Jayda Morgan teaches 

Anger Management therapy coping strategies to help individuals.

Talking Therapy followed by a full body massage

Relax your mind then Relax your body

Talking Therapy followed by an 

Facial & Scalp Massage or  

Thai seated Massage

Relax your Mind then Relax your body 

What clients are saying

I currently visit Jayda regular booking her mind and body therapy option.  Each visit consists of a therapy session for my stress and anxiety lasting an hour followed then by a half hour head, back, neck and shoulder seated massage.

Every time I leave feeling amazing, Thanks Jayda such a kind heart.

Jake Donnelly- 

Talking Therapy Service Prices

Please click the link to book Talking Therapy Service List & Prices

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